Build a Drone

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In this video series I show the design and construction of a quadcopter drone that will carry a stabilized camera platform for shooting aerial video. Part 1 covers all the main components and shows how I calculated the expected performance using xcopterCalc from in order to optimize the design.

Part 2 shows the construction of the drone, setup of the CC3D flight controller using LibrePilot software, and first flight tests.

Part 3 shows construction of the stabilized camera platform, and aerial video from the first test flight.

Part 4 shows an upgrade to use the SP Racing F3 flight controller with CleanFlight software, communicating live flight data to the On Screen Display, and a new lightweight FPV payload section.

Performance Data

Here are PDF files showing the predicted performance data for my original design using 2300KV motors, and for the revised design with 1900KV motors and larger propellers:



Parts List

Here are the components I’m using for this build:

F330 Multicopter Frame

(2) QAV2206-1900KV Brushless Motor CW

(2) QAV2206-1900KV Brushless Motor CCW

Turnigy Slowfly Propeller 8×3.8 Black CW, 4pcs

Turnigy Slowfly Propeller 8×3.8 Black CCW, 4pcs

(4) ZTW Spider Series 18A OPTO Multi-Rotor ESC 2~4S

HobbyKing™ Micro Battery Eliminator Circuit 5V/1A

Multistar High Capacity 5200mAh 3S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack

CC3D Flight Controller

2-axis Smart GoPro Brushless Gimbal

Turnigy Action Camera

ImmersionRC 600MW 5.8 GHz A/V Transmitter

Micro Minim OSD

Seriously Pro Racing F3 Flight Controller

Fat Shark FPV Camera (this is a newer version of the one I’m using)

Fat Shark FPV Transmitter



I use LibrePilot software for the flight controller, which you can download at

3D Printable Parts

Here’s an STL file of the 3D printed cover for the flight controller and receiver, and the new baseplates I designed, so if you have access to a 3D printer you can print them yourself: