Our House

Our house is a 3-bedroom ranch, with an attached 2-bedroom cottage that provides independent living space for family members. The home is designed to produce at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis through a combination of super-insulation, active and passive solar heating, a solar electric array, and other energy-saving strategies.

House Design
We decided to design the house ourselves rather than hiring an architect, not to save money but because designing it is half the fun. Click the link above to see details of the design.

LEED Certification
We chose to pursue LEED certification for our home as a way of measuring our level of green building design and construction.

Click here for hundreds of photos showing every aspect of the construction process.

Creating the gardens and edible landscaping around the house.

Thermal Imaging
Checking the integrity of our insulation.

The Land
We purchased our property located just outside of Saranac Michigan in the fall of 2008. Click the link above to see more about why we chose this particular property.