Main Kitchen Countertop – West

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August 26, 2010
This countertop segment will extend to the right of the southwest countertop that holds the kitchen sink. It is a simple shape except for the diagonal end that butts up to the refrigerator space.

Here’s the first layer of concrete going in. This is the layer that will show, so it uses about 2/3 clear glass and 1/3 green glass.

We After placing the first layer we sprinkled confetti glass around the edges, and then used the vibrator to consolidate the concrete.

This countertop shouldn’t experience much stress so we just used a simple sheet of reinforcing mesh. Once it was in place we mounded up concrete from the first batch around the edges, sprinkling in more confetti glass around the edge.

The second layer uses all brown beer bottle glass, and we spread it across the top of the mold where it won’t show in the finished countertop.

August 31, 2010
It came out of the mold cleanly and the surface looks nice and solid.

Nash used the 50-grit diamond wheel to grind down into the glass aggregate.

September 18, 2010
After several coats of slurry and polishing up to the 1500 grit diamond wheel, the countertop was ready for installation. Liz applied a sealer and then we waxed it before moving it in to the kitchen along with the southwest segment that will hold the kitchen sink.

Here are a couple of close-ups showing the glass in this section.