4th Axis Engraving a Micrometer Dial

This project is the first real test of the new Modular CNC Controller and 4th Axis Assembly that I built. I used themto engrave a micrometer dial to make an adjustable carriage stop for my metal lathe, which is based on a YouTube video by Tubalcain. Here’s how the finished part looks:

The first video shows how I modeled the part and created engraving toolpaths using AutoDesk Fusion 360:

The second video shows the machining of the dial using the toolpaths generated in Part 1:

I ran into some difficulties during the machining, one of which was that my cheap stepper motor drivers were not able to keep up with the pulse rate coming from the DDCSV1.1 control panel. Upgrading them to higher-end drivers solved the problem, and the specific ones I’m using are the KL-5056 from Automation Technology:

This driver supports a power supply up to 50V and can deliver up to 5.6A of current, which is more than I need for the steppers I’m using at the moment, but I also plan to use these drivers someday to run my milling machine where I’ll need bigger stepper motors. I have the drivers set at 2.7A for the smaller stepper motors that I’m using on the CNC Shark router and the 4th axis. I noticed that in addition to solving the problem I was having with lost steps on the Z axis, the improved drivers also gave noticably smoother motion and less noise.