September 9, 2009
At last the Consumers Energy crew arrived to run the underground electrical service. They started by the pole in the neighbors’ yard, using this Ditch Witch to dig a trench about 3 feet deep as they laid the cable. This is a high-voltage cable that will run to a transformer near our house.

September 10, 2009
Installation continued as they ran the low-voltage (240 volt) cable from the service entrance near the garage out to the transformer by the driveway. On the left you can see the generator that we’ve been using during construction. We’re really looking forward to not needing it anymore!

September 11, 2009
Today the transformer was installed and the service hooked up. If you’ve ever wondered what those big green boxes look like inside, here’s an inside view. Only about 1/3 of it is the transformer, with the other 2/3 empty space for the big wires and connectors. This transformer is big enough for several houses but it’s the smallest size that they have. The primary cable coming in on the left carries 4800 volts, and the secondary wires on the right carry 240 volts going to the house.