Dragon Sculpture

I made this plasma-cut and welded steel dragon sculpture for Liz’s birthday. It is based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex model with added wings and horns.


The design is based on this Instructables post by kaptaink_cg, and a big thank-you to him for posting it! He has graciously published the plans under the creative commons license so I have copied the PDF files here and I have added my own drawing for the wings and horns that I designed. You are free to download and use these plans as you wish under the terms of the creative commons license.




I used Adobe Reader to print these, and in the print dialog I specified 30% scale for the T-Rex templates so that each page would fit on an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper. The DragonWingAndHorn drawing is already sized for 8.5×11″ paper when printed at 100% scale.