The Land

We purchased a 17-acre parcel of land located in Boston Township, about 2 miles southwest of Saranac and a 30-minute drive east of Grand Rapids. The lot is mostly wooded, with a south-facing slope running east-west through the middle. Here’s an aerial view showing the approximate dimensions in feet (north is at the top and […]

House Design

Here’s a rendering of our house design, looking north toward the south face of the house: And this shows the floor plan from above, with North at the top of this image: Moving from left (west) to right (east) the more prominent features are: Cottage – On the southwest end is an attached yet independent […]

Heat Storage Design

The design of our heat storage tank is, like any design, an attempt to balance a number of tradeoffs. The following is a discussion of the main design decisions and the tradeoffs involved. The math is pretty simple but you may want to skip this page if you don’t like math. Click here to see […]

Kitchen Design

The kitchens are designed to be accessible to users of varying mobility. At first one might see them as “handicap accessible”, but really they just provide options for working seated or standing, and things like faucets and door handles that are easy to operate. These things make it easier to use for everyone. Universal Design […]

Mechanical Room

The mechanical room sits between the garage and the main living area, and its north wall holds the plumbing for the heat collection and distribution systems. Behind this wall sits the 2500-gallon heat storage tank. The following image is stitched together from multiple photos to show the entire north and west walls.