So many projects, so little time...

Here are a few of our more interesting projects:

4th Axis Engraving a Micrometer Dial
First test of the new 4th axis on my CNC router, to engrave a micrometer dial.

4th Axis Harmonic Drive
Building a 4th axis for my CNC machines using a high precision gearbox.

Modular CNC Controller
Building a modular CNC controller to run various machines in the workshop.

Building and experimenting with electronic circuitry.

Wood-fired Pizza Oven Experiment
Converting a small charcoal grill into a pizza oven

Glass Crusher
Building a glass crusher from an old clothes dryer.

Combining aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil), we made a self-contained aquaponics system to raise tilapia at home.

Garden Metalwork
Making unique trellises out of welded steel rod.

Portable Bowl Lathe
Jay made a portable lathe for turning bowls out in the garden - or anywhere.

Jay shares pictures of some of his woodworking projects.

This page was updated on Monday April 17, 2017