Energy Report, March 2011


Solar electricity produced: 665 kW h (21.5 kW h per day)
Electricity consumed: 456 kW h (14.7 kW h per day)


March brought some nice sunny weather and higher sun angle, making our per-day solar electric production 32% higher than last month. Our per-day consumption was also higher, up 11% from last month due partly to having more projects going in the workshop.

The graph below shows the temperatures outside (red) and inside the house (blue), recorded each morning and evening. For the most part the solar heating system kept the house comfortable without using any electric backup heat, and only used the wood stoves a few times on the colder evenings.

Here's a graph of the heat storage tank temperatures, and as you can se we had some significant ups and downs as we saved heat during the sunnier days and then used it up.

The end of march marks our first 365 days since we activated the solar electric system on April 1, 2010. See the 1st Annual Summary Report for a discussion of our energy performance over the first full year.

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