Energy Report, August 2010


Solar electricity produced: 679 kW h (21.9 kW h per day)
Electricity consumed: 329 kW h (10.6 kW h per day)


Our solar electric production in August was exactly the same as for the month of July, but our energy consumption rose by 10% over last month so we produced only 2.06 times as much as we consumed this month.

The following graph shows our cumulative electricity produced (red) and consumed (blue) in watt-hours over the first 5 months of operation since the PV array was activated on April 1st. Over these 5 months we have produced 2.26 times as much energy as we consumed, with an average daily production of 21.7 kWH and consumption of 9.6 kWH.

We enjoyed an unlimited supply of solar-heated hot water as the heat storage tank temperatures stayed within a narrow range, with the solar heat collectors running once every few days to boost the temperature back up to its 125-degree upper set point. This kept the tank warm enough to deliver hot water for showers, without adding unnecessary heat to the house.

The graph below shows the temperatures outside (red) and inside the house (blue), recorded each morning and evening. Indoor temperatures generally stayed comfortable but we still had a few days that were warmer than we would have wished. The cooling system did seem to help, but it was not quite able to keep up with the heat gain on the warmer days when we kept the house closed up at night. During the last part of the month we got some nice cool nights on which we could open up and cool down the floor slab, and it kept the interior comfortably cooler.


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