Energy Report, July 2010


Solar electricity produced: 679 kW h (21.9 kW h per day)
Electricity consumed: 295 kW h (9.5 kW h per day)


For the month of July we produced 2.3 times as much electricity as we consumed, and we exported a net surplus of 384 kW h. Our energy consumption per day was just slightly more than June but solar energy production was 15% higher. Some of this increase is due to sunnier weather and some of it is due to decreasing sun angle, as the sun is getting lower in the sky and more perpendicular to the solar panels.

The following graph shows our cumulative electricity produced (red) and consumed (blue) in watt-hours over the first 4 months of operation since the PV array was activated on April 1st.

We reduced the maximum temperature limit setting for the heat storage tank in order to cool it down a bit. It's still plenty warm for our domestic hot water needs, but the lower tank temperature reduces the amount of heat that comes into the house through the insulation around the tank. This helps us keep the house cool.

The graph below shows the temperatures outside (red) and inside the house (blue), recorded each morning and evening. In general we've kept the house temperature in the mid 70's, and it's been reasonably comfortable but we did have a few days where it stayed warmer inside than we would have liked. We started operating the cooling system near the end of the month so we expect next month's temperatures to stay a bit cooler.


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