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Energy Reports

Net Cumulative Energy Balance
Our net balance of energy production to date.

2011 Energy Report
The first full calendar year.

1st Annual Summary Report, Year Beginning April 2010
Net totals and yearly energy graphs.

March 2011
Wrapping up the first year.

February 2011
Here comes the sun!

January 2011
Winter turns a bit brighter.

December 2010
Using electricity is for the birds!

November 2010
Wintry weather arrives.

October 2010
Some cold nights but heating with 100% solar.

September 2010
Transitioning from cooling season to heating season.

August 2010
Overall very similar to last month.

July 2010
Solar electric production is back up. Inside house temperatures stay comfortable but warmer than we'd like.

June 2010
Solar electric production drops a little around the summer solstice, but still very good. Keeping cool as the weather gets warm.

May 2010
Continuing to produce much more solar electricity than we use, and plenty of solar-heated hot water too.

April 2010
Our first full month of solar electricity production.

April 1, 2010 - Green Power!
Our solar electric system finally goes on-line.

March 1-15, 2010
March 16-31, 2010
Warmer, sunnier, with the wood stoves installed and the house mostly tightened up.

February 2010
Cold and cloudy, still drafty and no wood stoves yet.

January 2010
Our first month of recorded data, with the house not quite finished yet.